Bureau d'études spécialisées

Structural engineers

Bureau d'études spécialisées inc. is an Consulting engineering firm that specializes in construction and renovation of commercial, institutional and residential buildings; steel, concrete, wood and masonry; special structures such as towers, civil works, art monuments, electrical and mechanical equipment.


B.E.S. produces erection and demolition procedures and acts as the contractor’s civil specialist. The firm performs structural inspections, due diligence in agreement with Bill 122. The firm offers a wide variety of services ranging from preliminary evaluation to feasibility studies, drawings and specs, site surveillance, as well as troubleshooting studies.

Team of professionnals

B.E.S. team consists of highly qualified engineers who use the latest analysis techniques to design innovative solutions well suited to the needs and limitations of each project. B.E.S. values are rigor, innovation and meeting our clients’ expectations. These values are the basis for successful projects and building long lasting, profitable business relationships.


BES Inc. gets the renewal of its AMP Authorization

BES Inc. has obtained the renewal of its AMP Authorization to perform contracts and subcontracts to public bodies.

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Expansion of the St. Joseph School (1985) - Montreal

Refection project in St-Joseph School in Montreal. The project includes Henriette-Moreau-Lionais House as well as the Urban House which will be fully renovated

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Affiliations, awards & prizes

Prix d'excellence de la construction en acier 2011

Prix d'excellence de la construction en acier 2011

Catégorie Projets résidentiels / rénovations
Maison BONE structure
563, rue des Morilles, Rimouski

Prix d'excellence Cecobois 2010

Prix d'excellence Cecobois 2010

Concept structural Édifice Fondation Québec

Prix d'excellence de la construction en acier 2006

Prix d'excellence de la construction en acier 2006

Catégorie Bâtiments verts Centre professionnel Beaumont, Montréal